Cloud Storage Services

The cloud affords unprecedented advantages in terms of scale, flexibility, cost efficiency and security. But operating in the cloud, whether it be on AWS, Azure or another platform, requires a different approach than on-premise environments.

Having a reliable storage solution gives your organization confidence that intellectual property, customer data and other critical datasets are safe from exposure. We leverage our expertise, to design and implement a storage solution in the cloud that matches your business goals and budget.

You can store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web through a simple web service interface.

Cloud Hosting

Designing a cost-effective solution that keeps your data protected and your applications available requires expertise and a thorough understanding of your business. With decades of experience delivering secure and compliant hosting solutions, We can deploy and manage the right balance of confidentiality, availability and integrity for your hosted private or multi-tenant infrastructure.

Central Equipment Identity Register

The global number of stolen phones, counterfeit phones and illegal imports is increasing drastically. For the same reason awareness of this distressing situation grows within the worldwide Regulators’ domain. Considering the enormous and various impact within all the stakeholders as well as country specific situations, there is no “best solution, one size fits all”. It requisites thorough investigation case by case, gathering information on the current footprint as well as the targeted future goals.

Implementing a central solution like CEIR (MDMS, DIRBS etc.) would decrease the number of trading stolen, illegal and counterfeit phones and in short-term would result in public safety and awareness by registering and checking the status of mobile phones.

The main functionality of the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) application for IMEI is the registration of telecommunication devices, using the IMEI as a unique identifier. The CEIR application for IMEI can be used by different target groups. The strength and success of the application depends on the different stakeholders working together.